Dreams in The Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera (CD)


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Lovecraft's 1933 tale of a student whose dreams devolve into a horrific reality receives the biggest, baddest, boldest adaptation yet.

"Truly astounding. This is a work of incredible power and emotion. Unlike the many beloved Lovecraftian spoofs, this is a coherent, intelligent adaptation that takes Lovecraft's text, as well as the music, with utter and frightening seriousness, doing justice not only to the story, but expanding and sharpening the tale to transport you to a cosmic precipice, teetering between sanity-shattering awe, horror, and incredibly poignant sadness." - B. Callahan, H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival

Platform Studios, Polar Studios, and the HP Lovecraft Historical Society joined forces to produce a rock opera concept album that will knock your socks off!
College student Walter Gilman takes up residence as a boarder in Arkham's legend haunted witch house. His room is where the 17th century accused witch, Keziah Mason once dwelt. Walter's studies of advanced mathematics and the intense dreams he experiences in the house lead him to a world where reality and nightmare merge. Has Keziah Mason returned with her demonic rat-like familiar Brown Jenkin, or are Walter's studies into extra-dimensional mathematics pushing him over the brink into a world of mind wrenching horrors?

This intercontinental collaboration joins producers Chris Laney, bamboosway, RingMan and Lennart Östlund with the HPLHS. The production's sixteen tracks feature seventeen singers, including Jody Ashworth (Trans Siberian Orchestra), Alaine Kashian (Broadway's Cats) and Swedish metal phenom Chris Laney as Brown Jenkin. The album features fourteen musicians, including Bruce Kulick (former KISS guitarist) and Douglas Blair Lucek (guitarist for W.A.S.P.) shredding on guitar.


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