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Mad Science
"Rise and see what a genius of science hath wrought!"

Faust. Frankenstein. Moreau. Jekyll. Rotwang. The "mad scientist" has long been a beloved—and feared—character, and it's one that clearly appealed to H.P. Lovecraft. HPL loved science, and he knew all too well the frailty of the human mind. This special anthology episode brings together four tales of science at its strangest and most terrifying. Can a doctor penetrate the mysteries of a simple patient's bizarre and fantastical dream-life in "Beyond the Wall of Sleep"? Can an investigator survive a weird encounter with a deranged inventor in “The Electric Executioner”? Can a scheme of revenge be carried out through strange entomological means in “Winged Death”? And what horrors shall be revealed by a scientist's strange resonating machine in "From Beyond"?

This episode of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre ships in a 3-ring binder sleeve:

Audio CD Track Listing
1. Opening 3:32
2. Beyond the Wall of Sleep 19:43
3. The Electric Executioner 18:52
4. Winged Death 15:55
5. From Beyond 18:01
6. Closing 1:40
Total Runtime 77:43

To enhance your listening pleasure, the HPLHS has packed the binder sleeve for Mad Science with carefully created props from the story. You'll get:
-a clipping from the New York times about a startling -astronomical event
-a dossier on dangerous fugitive
-a page torn from a textbook about African flies
-the program for a conclave of electrical engineers with a revealing diagram