The Hashish-Eater and other poems by Clark Ashton Smith


Read by Donald Sidney-Fryer and scored by Graham Plowman, this is the first selection of Clark Ashton Smith's poetry in Fedogan and Bremer's "Weird TAles poets" audio cd series.

The Emperor of Dreams, indeed, Smith later became one of the "Big 3" of Weird Tales by the 1930s, but the first splash he made was with "The Hashish-Eater," which earned both high praise and controversy long before Weird Tales started publication. Ambrose Bierce loved it, and Smith started being called "the Bard of Auburn" in the aftermath of this sprawling poem.

You HAVE to listen to such a poem-- it's so much better than trying to read it! And Plowman sets it off, as usual, beautifully. Over 68 minutes of audio.

CONTENTS: by track number

THE HASHISH-EATER (1920) (stanza first lines-)

1. Introduction

2 Bow down: I am the emperor of Dreams

3. Supreme in culminant omniscience manifold

4. Swifter grow the visions

5. Surveyed from this my throne, as from a central sun

6. Hark! What word was whispered in a tongue unknown

7. Now I seek the meads of shining moly

8. Ere my heart hath hushed the panic tumult

9. Now the palms grow far apart

10. So I follow between a river of steel and a river of bronze

11. Lo, what cloud or night of sudden and supreme eclipse

A MEDLEY OF POEMS (1937-1961)

12. Introduction

13. Sililoquy in an Ebon Tower

14. O Golden-Tongues Romance

15. Song of the Necromancer

16. Cycles

17. The Sorcerer Departs