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2015 Holiday Shipping Deadlines and Info


We love that our patrons spread the madness by giving the gift of insanity! Since deadlines are approaching for USPS mail delivery to all destinations, we are working hard to make sure your gifts arrive in time for the celebrations. You can help ensure your order arrives in time by placing your order by the right dates for your part of the world, and we'll be sure to get your package out the door in time for Ol' St. Cthulhu (and his minions the US Postal Service) to grab it up in his flabby claws and whisk it away on (only seemingly) vestigial wings to your Shoggoth Tree.

Click here for the full scoop on our Ordering Deadlines.

Please note that we're working with the deadlines given to us by the USPS. However, while the USPS indicates that packages will arrive in time, if they're shipped on time, they don't guarantee that... so neither can we. We do guarantee, however, that we will ship them in accordance with the USPS's deadlines, so that your package has the best chance of arriving when you want it (just don't be mad at us, if the Post Office screws it up and delivers your package late!). Want to be even more sure it will arrive on time? Order as soon as possible!