Ancient Exhumations +2 (BOOK)


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Contains nine imaginative tales from the darkly innovative mind of Stanley C. Sargent. The stories in this collection range from the Lovecraftian-inspired and original Mythos creations to those that venture deeper into the realm of dark fiction. New and experienced readers of Lovecraft will be captivated by the horror and subtle humor of these carefully crafted stories. Also included in this revised edition are two new tales, "Famine Wood" and "The Black Massif," both of which are impressive examples of Sargent's thoughtful and insightful writings that peer into human nature and the universe itself.
  • The Rattle of Her Smile
  • Dark Demonize
  • The Hoppwood Tenant
  • The Black Massif
  • The Tale of Toad Loop
  • When the Stars are Ripe
  • The Paladin of Worms
  • Self-Correcting Mechanism
  • Famine Wood