Challenge From Beyond 2019 and Lovecraftian Micro Fiction Vol 5


It's two books in one! The 2019 Challenge From Beyond book backs up to the 2019 winners of the Lovecraftian Micro Fiction Contest. This limited edition book was produced by Forbidden Futures specially for the 2019 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Kickstarter fundraiser.

The Challenge From Beyond is a cosmic horror round robin story, featuring a fantastic lineup of authors and Illustrators:
Christine Morgan
Jeffrey Thomas
S. P. Miskowski
Scott R. Jones
Jessica McHugh
Orrin Grey
Mike Dubisch
Jim Agpalza
Dave Correia

The Lovecraftian MicroFiction side features the top ten winners of the 2019 contest, plus three bonus honorable mentions:
Kerry Birmingham
Kyle Webb
Zachary Bishop
Sean Blau
Erik Gorka
J. Edward Zuleger
Sue Hill
Michael Alan Carlyle
Russell Smeaton
J. Wiltz (overall winner)
Rick Hutchins
David Gonzalez
Joe Broers