Dead But Dreaming (Hardcover)


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Dead But Dreaming is a fiction anthology of fifteen original tales of Lovecraftian horror, edited by Miskatonic River Press's Kevin Ross, with Keith Herber. Originally released in 2002 by DarkTales Publications, only seventy-five copies were printed before DarkTales was forced to close its doors. The book quickly became a prized collectors' item, sometimes selling for over $300 on Ebay.

More importantly, Dead But Dreaming was highly regarded by readers and critics, frequently cited as one of the best Lovecraft-inspired anthologies of the past decade. Stories by Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Mark Rainey, Darrell Schweitzer, Adam Niswander, Mike Minnis, and others deal with star-spanning science fiction, a zombie holocaust, the horrors of two different wars, the pyschology of cultists, voices from other dimensions and outer space, and frightening revelations about the origins of man.

Revised & corrected edition, with author profiles and a new afterword by the editor.