Radiant Dawn, by Cody Goodfellow



From a ruined chemical weapons bunker in Iraq to a shallow grave in California's San Andreas Fault, the lines are drawn for a shadow war that will decide who-or what-will inherit the earth and reign as the next dominant species.


The escalating conflict engulfs the lives of three born survivors: a broken veteran of the Gulf War; a fiercely independent young nurse dying of cancer; and a brilliant novice FBI agent. Plunged into an arena where the stakes are survival or extinction, each must choose a side-between a militia of rogue government scientists and an enigmatic messiah who holds the cure for death itself, and the key to a new form of life.


Trapped in a genocidal war the government will do anything to conceal, where top secret military technologies vie with the primal power of evolution unleashed, they will struggle to stay alive-and stay human.