The Challenge From Beyond 2020 & Lovecraftian Micro Fiction Double Book


It's two books in one! The 2020 Challenge From Beyond book is on one side, flip it over for the winners of the Lovecraftian Micro Fiction Contest. This limited edition book was produced by Forbidden Futures specially for the 2020 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Kickstarter fundraiser. Only 250 copies were printed.

The Challenge From Beyond is a cosmic horror round robin story, featuring a fantastic lineup of authors and Illustrators:
-Zin E. Rocklyn
-Anna Tambour
-Brendan Vidito
-Craig L. Gidney
-Evan J. Peterson
-Jim Agpalza (art)
-Nick Gucker (art)
-J. Wiltz
-Monstark (art)
-Dan Sauer (art)
-Pete Von Sholly (art)
-Mike Dubisch (art)

The Lovecraftian MicroFiction side features the top 26 winners of the 2020 contest (we did a double issue for the festival's 25th anniversary)
-David Heath
-Matt Holder
-Sue Hill
-Christiane Merritt
-Jesse Kaszniak
-Charles D. Shell
-Duncan Norris
-Timothy Lanz
-Lilith Betty
-Jillian Rae Young
-Felicia Martinez
-Erik Gorka
-Kristi Petersen Schoonover
-Maxwell Marais
-John Weagly
-John Skipp
-Walker Hecth
-Kurt Newton
-Nicholas Hanna
-Kyle Webb
-Vincent Szopa
-Bart Koerner
-Michael Slater
-Aaron Besson
-Sarah Mott
-Michael Alan Carlyle (overall winner)