H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Classics Vol 1 DVD


Founded in 1995, the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival® in Portland, OR has exhibited hundreds of independent Lovecraftian films and hosted dozens of amazing guests. As part of the 20th Anniversary celebration, this volume collects some of the best original films and adaptations from 1996 through 2013, and includes serious dramatic films, hilarious spoofs, and clever animations. For even more, look for Classics Volume 2 (due out in September), plus our Best of 2014 and Best of 2015 Short Film Collections.

Short Films on this volume:

Call of Nature - director Rick Tillman
Static Aeons - director Gib Patterson
From Beyond - directors Andrew Migliore & Ken Avenoso
The Necronomicon - director Joseph Nanni
A Short Nap... Ever Elongating - director The Amelus
Black Goat - director Joseph Nanni
Derailed - director Nicolas Simonin
Frank Dancoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer - director Andrew Jones
Bedtime for Timmy - director Thomas Nicol
To Oblivion - director Robert Cappelletto
Elder Sign - director Joseph Nanni
The Music of Jo Hyeja - director Jihyun Park

Bonus Materials: Lovecraftian feature film trailers and a Poster Gallery of all the past festival posters we could get our hands on!

Plus stirring music by film composer Reber Clark.

Runtime approximately 113 minutes.
NTSC Region 0, progressive.
Audio: English Only
The films contained in this collection are unrated and are intended for mature viewers

"H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival" is a registered trademark of Lurker Films, Inc. and used with permission.