H. P. Lovecraft's Cool Air DVD (COMING SOON)


AVAILABLE SOON! Anticipated release Dec. 7

Writer Randolph Carter moves into a rundown tenement in the sweltering hot summer of 1923. After being revived from a near fatal heart attack, he becomes friends with the mysterious Dr. Muñoz (Jack Donner, Star Trek) who saved his life and learns the awful secret of why the doctor never leaves the chilly confines of his freezing parlor. H. P. Lovecraft's classic tale of the macabre is adapted beautifully for the screen by director Bryan Moore and features a stirringly poignant and unforgettable performance by Jack Donner as the haunted Dr. Muñoz. DVD includes the original black and white theatrical version remastered from the original 16mm elements, the color tinted "Duo-Chrome" edition remastered from the original 16mm elements, a behind the scenes featurette with interviews of director Bryan Moore, cinematographer Michael Bratkowski, and editor Sam Oldham, a collection of production stills from the set, behind the scenes archival footage from the set and a preview teaser of Bryan Moore's upcoming adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow over Innsmouth."