Delta Green BRP/d20 (BOOK)


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Join the Conspiracy — an unofficial, illegal faction within the United States Government, which has as its main objective one thing, and one thing only: to preserve and protect the citizens of the United States from any and all threats from paranormal phenomena, with the secondary goal of understanding the nature of said threats, so as to better protect the security of the people and government of the country.

Do You Know Who is Pulling The Strings? Delta Green knows. Things from beyond space and time, that titter in the shadows, the slow rot at the core of humanity, the dark stars that whirl madly above—these are the true masters of the world. Delta Green has been fighting them since the 1928 Raid on Innsmouth, and the fight still rages on… heedless of whether or not the stars are soon to come right.

Eos Press has joined forces with Pagan Publishing to bring back Delta Green, the critically-acclaimed roleplaying game supplement for Call of Cthulhu that places the Lovecraft Mythos in the modern age. Packed full of secret organizations, shadowy conspiracies and alien invaders, Delta Green now comes to you as a handsome hardbound book. Add this sourcebook to your Keeper's toolkit and play using either Wizards of the Coast’s Call of Cthulhu d20 system or Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu Basic Roll Playing (BRP) system.

This is an out of print book that regularly sells for $75-150 on Amazon and Ebay, but we have some straight from the publisher's secret cache! Please be aware that these are new, but they are old books and while they are in very good condition, may not be pristine. They should be perfectly usable for gaming, but the cover and binding may have slight flaws or dings. 

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