Village of the Damned (canvas backed movie poster)


This spectacular poster is from the classic 1960 film Village of the Damned, directed by Wolf Rilla and starring George Sanders and Barbara Shelley.

A strange, invisible force takes hold of the sleepy English village of Midwich, causing everyone in the town to fall unconscious and all the women of childbearing age to become mysteriously pregnant. They give birth to creepy blond children who use their powers to terrify the population…

This is an American One-Sheet (1sh) poster, linen backed by the Affiche Poster Restoration company of Portland. Linen Backing is absolutely the best conservation method used to mount, and preserve any vintage poster so it is able be restored and framed without compromising value. All materials used in this mounting process are acid free and reversible with water.

The poster itself measures 27x41 inches and comes rolled mounted and centered on a sheet of canvas.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to decorate your home theater or other room.