Arkham Bazaar Ultimate Sampler Gift Set

$192.00 $139.99
(You save $52.01)

This Gift Set includes the ultimate sampling of books, movies, and oddities ($192 value):

• Challenge From Beyond 2015
• Challenge From Beyond 2016
• Challenge From Beyond 2017
• H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 20th Anniversary 4-DVD Box Set
• Best of 2016 DVD
• Dead Tongues DVD
• Edgar Allan Poe art print by Lee Moyer
• The Shadow Out of Time art print by Lee Moyer
• Cthulhu Knot embroidered patch (white)
• Cthulhu Squadron embroidered patch
• Cthulhu Weave embroidered patch
• lagniappe (that's a little something extra!)

While the set is not gift wrapped, we do not put prices on our packing slips, so you could save yourself some time and just wrap the whole box!