Lovecraft Ironworks vintage style metal sign

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If you have a Love of your Craft, you'll always be a happy man, or woman, or tentacled monstrosity. What if Lovecraft had never been a writer? In the alternate Steampunk world of 1920, where the US needed skilled men to work iron in support of the Airship armada, H.P. Lovecraft founded Lovecraft Ironworks. Opening his forge in the metal district of historic Kingsport, Massachusetts, Lovecraft employed his knowledge of arcane arts and creatures from beyond to create metal fixtures of almost supernatural strength and lightness. The Lovecraft Ironworks shop sign is reproduced in khaki on brown.

This vintage style metal sign has rounded corners and pre-drilled holes for easy hanging. Heavy gauge, rust-resistant, measures 10"x16". Please note, the patented process used to create these signs results in variations in color, texture, and finish, that give each sign its own unique aged vintage feel. No two are exactly alike!


**Due to the popularity of these new signs, we are currently having more made! We will have more of these in stock at GenCon, and will be shipping any orders after August 20th.**