Celtic Cthulhu Knotwork


Our classic Celtic Cthulhu Knotwork design updated! In 2017, we ran a Kickstarter to do a revamped, full color version of the classic 2002 design to commemorate being in business for 15 years. Brian really liked some of the new elements of the design, so we're releasing this hybrid, black and white version, incorporating some of these elements.
This quality 100% cotton black t-shirt boldly displays (in white) the dark god in all his glory...
Also available in women's fitted tees (cotton/poly blend).

The original description: Not dead, but dreaming in his black house on R'lyeh. One day, when the stars are right, Cthulhu will rise and eat your lunch! This Great Old One is the star of Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos pantheon, here glorified at the center of a Celtic knot comprised of his own tentacles.