Dagon: War of Worlds radio play (CD)


The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society has adapted and expanded on Lovecraft's "Dagon" and the result is a globe-trotting adventure where humanity's very existence hangs in the balance.

A hapless mariner finds himself run aground on an island apparently heaved up from beneath the sea. Will his glimpse into the world of a race of sea creatures push him over the brink to madness, or will it unleash forces from the deeps, bringing havoc and horror to all mankind? Lovecraft's provided a terrific starting place, but Dark Adventure Radio Theatre takes it for quite a spin in this bold adaptation.

As with all episodes of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre, your listening pleasure in enhanced by including physical props from the story. However, the props from Dagon: War of Worlds could be spoilers. Accordingly, we'll only tell you a little about them. Each CD comes with:

-an inmate identification card from a federal penitentiary
-a memorandum from the US Navy to an important government official about important maritime events
-a page from the Portsmouth newspaper about a dramatic law enforcement incident
-an interesting message sent from a disabled submarine

All of these great extras are complemented by the fantastic artwork of illustrator Darrell Tutchton in the style you've come to know and love from other episodes of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre.