Violet Midnight EP



From the team that brought you 2013's "Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera", the EP expands the tale of Keziah Mason (The Witch) and Walter Gilman. Featuring 3 tracks on CD + an additional bonus track download of Lovecraft's "Azathoth" (1922) presented in a fusion of Progressive Rock & Spoken Word, the compilation includes major Music Industry heavyweights such as Scott Page on saxophone (Pink Floyd, Supertramp), Bruce Kulick on acoustic guitar (KISS, Grand Funk Railroad), Douglas Blair on electric guitar (W.A.S.P.) and Jonathan Snipes on analog synths (Room 237).

Track List
  • Sleepwalker: Waking World (an expanded, fully developed version of "The Sleepwalker", Track 10 from the original Concept Album)
  • Dreams in the Witch House: Sanitarium (a mainly acoustic cover version of Track 2 from the original Concept Album, featuring actor Courtney Gains on lead vocals)
  • Azathoth 1922 - Instrumental
CD includes free download card for Azathoth 1922 - Spoken Word  and prints of the fantastic MohlocoArt mini posters!