Challenge From Beyond 2023 / Lovecraftian Micro Fiction vol. 9


The 2023 Challenge From Beyond double book is two books in one! The annual Round Robin story is on one side, flip it over for the winners of the 2023 Lovecraftian Micro Fiction Contest. This limited edition book was produced specially for the 2023 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Kickstarter fundraiser with the help of Oddness/Forbidden Futures.

The Challenge From Beyond 2023 was written by:
Angela Yuriko Smith
Mack W. Mani
Pauline Chow
K. L. Young
Roni Stinger
- with cover art by Nick "The Hat" Gucker

Flip the book over and read the winning entries of the 7th Lovecraftian Micro Fiction Contest!
Maxwell Marais (overall winner)
Bob Brinkman
Khloe Rhodes
Maria Huning
Ish Galvan
Kristi Petersen Schoonover
David Haas
Jillian Rae Young
Gary Butterfield
Rick Hutchins
Erik Gorka
Felicia Martinez
Brian Garbe
- with cover and interior art by Mike Dubisch