Mother Hydra's Mythos Rhymes (BOOK)


There have been many great meetings through out history. When Smith met Wesson, when Peanut met Chocolate, now H.P. Lovecraft has met Mother Goose to bring you Mother Hydra's Mythos Rhymes. What does it all mean Elwood, you might ask? Well it's a mock children's book that has taken traditional nursery rhymes and twisted them with a Cthulhu Mythos slant and let us not forget your ABC's.

Mother Hydra's Mythos Rhymes is a fully-illustrated tome containing twenty-one sinister, Cthulhu Mythos inspired nursery rhymes and a complete Edward Gorey style alphabet. It is written by Jarred W Wallace and illustrated by Heather Hudson. We think that Lovecraft himself would have enjoyed this tome immensely as a child.