R'lyeh Rising - Cthulhu woodcut Work shirt


"R'lyeh exsurgebit ubi astra parata sunt" is a faithful reproduction of a page from the rare 15th century Latin translation of the dreaded Necronomicon. The text translates as, "When the stars are right R'lyeh will rise," The figure, whom scholars interpret to be Cthulhu himself, appears to be indicating the correct constellation or alignment required for R'lyeh (his dwelling place) to rise from the sea releasing him from his deathless slumber.

Printed in khaki ink on a black, short sleeved work shirt, this shirt is based on the design conceived, carved, and printed by Liv Rainey-Smith originally on a 9 x 12 inch woodblock. The front over pocket design features a close up of Cthulhu's eye in a mystic triangle.

Design Copyright Liv Rainey-Smith, used under license.