The Unspeakable Oath # 16/17 (Call of Cthulhu MAGAZINE)


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The new double issue of TUO includes major articles about Boston, technology of the 1920s, the Thuggee, Indian weapons, and two scenarios: one set in 1916 Mexico and one using Delta Green. Plus the usual collection of stuff and tentacles, all wrapped in a gorgeous cover by UK fantasist John Coulthart.

By Brian M. Sammons, Loki Carbis, Brian Appleton, Mark Eley,James Holloway, Phoebe Kitanidis, Larry Granato, Serge Stelmack, Ben R. Leeb, Daniel Harms, John Goodrich, Guy Bock, David Perry, A. Scott Glancy, Michael J. Varhola, and Adam Gauntlet.

Edited by John Tynes

Cover Art by John Coulthart. Interior illos by Dennis Detwiller and John Snyder.