Jewelry of the Deep Ones Pendant


“Wal, Sir, Matt he says the natives araound thar had all the fish they cud ketch, an’ sported bracelets an’ armlets an’ head rigs made aout of a queer kind o’ gold an’ covered with picters o’ monsters jest like the ones carved over the ruins on the little island—sorter fish-like frogs or frog-like fishes..."

The Jewelry of the Deep Ones pendant purports to be one of these very items. Made from luscious Innsmouth gold, straight from the Marsh Refinery, the pendant is a depiction of a... is it a frog-like fish? or is it a fish-like frog? No matter. Wear this and you're sure to score points with the native Kanakys.

The pendant measures 1.25" in diameter and is strung on a cord with a clasp.

Deep One art copyright Heather Hudson.