Hellfire Cthulhu shirt


In 1766, during the waning days of the Hellfire Club, club members began reporting that they felt they had been followed by shadowy figures to their secret meetings at Medmenham Abbey. At first thought to be paranoia, these feelings were easily dispelled by the drink, laughter, and bawdy rituals performed behind closed doors by these white clad decadents. However, not long after, Sir Francis Dashwood received an anonymous letter, with no external markings besides a green wax seal pressed with this symbol, apparently depicting a winged and tentacled, but strangely human-like, sea creature. After reading the contents, Dashwood paled and abruptly called their meetings to an end. Popular history tells us that the club folded because of political pressure. However, we have it on good authority that the real cause involves the unhallowed things these unholy Friars called in their midnight rituals, and the attention this brought them from a widespread, but much more discreet and dedicated, organization of occultists who sought the end of times through the waking of their dread god Cthulhu. The rendition of this passingly Rococo-style Cthulhu (copyright Brian Callahan) is printed in green ink on a black 100% cotton shirt.