Miskatonic Shield zip up hoody (GRAY)


This rare version of the Miskatonic University heraldic shield was recently uncovered in a disused wing of the Medieval History department. Used to ward against otherworldly influences, knights found that sleeping under their shields bearing the Elder Sign kept their dreams from being invaded by amorphous alien entities. Some say its Germanic origins were unsettling to some and it fell out of use in the early 1900s. We think it more likely that the aspect of the octopoid heraldic beast disturbed their sense of ease. After discovering that this artifact was still in the University store rooms, students and certain faculty members requested it be returned to the display case in the rare book room.

Our version features Cthulhu as the heraldic beast, with mantling and Elder Sign shield. The front left breast design features the Elder Sign shield and Miskatonic University lettering.

Printed in white and black on charcoal gray unisex full zip hoody (50/50 cotton/poly).