Official CthulhuCon PDX 2015 shirt


Limited sizes available. When we run out, that's it! Note: the Women's babydoll style for this design is printed on a non-ribbed women's jersey tee.

Did you make it to CthulhuCon, but then you sat in a dark room with a bunch of other robed cultists, and before you know it there was an Eldritch deity rising from a circle drawn in the blood of your sacrifice, and then you... wait, wait, I have to catch my breath... AND, then you praised Cthulhu and Shub-Niggurath while the hot breath of the slavering horror filled the hotel ballroom with the stench of spaces beyond time and our universe... and... and, then it was all over and you reached for your clothes to change out of your cultist robe, and another cultist had accidentally left wearing your duds?

Yeah, that happens. What's weirder is how you got home, and the obscene monstrosity you helped summon was dripping all over your closet and wearing all of your T-shirts, one on each pseudopod, leaving you with no shirts to cover your own pseudopods.

We have you covered! There are still a few of the official CthulhuCon PDX 2015 t-shirts left, so if the above happened, or you just forgot to get one in all the excitement, or you just wished you could be here for the fun, here's your chance to commemorate a truly great event with this shirt, featuring original, full-color Cthulhu art by Stephen Kick (

CthulhuCon PDX 2015 featured tons of amazing panels, author readings, art, music, live performance, film, and guests that included Leeman Kessler, S.T. Joshi, Kenneth Hite, Robin Laws, Paul Komoda, Lee Moyer, Heather Hudson, Leslie Klinger, Kevin McTurk, Wilum Pugmire, Scott Glancy, and about two dozen more.