Cthulhu Dragon Challenge Coin


This Challenge Coin is 1.75" in diameter, with an antique brass finish, and a square hole in the middle (for stringing, if you like). The front is a 3D-sculpted version of our Dragon-style Cthulhu head, with a striking red fill and black keyhole (an important symbol for our Lodge), while the back features Chinese characters representing hidden underground secrets, the eye of Azathoth (who sees all) and a Cicada, which alludes to our master's eventual rise and rebirth. This coin will be crazy cool to pull out at your next Call of Cthulhu game (or at the bar, if you use it as a Challenge coin among fellow Lovecraftians).

Created and produced for the 2016 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival®, this is a limited edition item.

Cthulhu Dragon design ©Brian Callahan