The Resurrected III: Out of the Vault (CofC scenario) (BOOK)


This book contains ten scenarios from the first ten issues of The Unspeakable Oath, most never before reprinted. Fight cultists in the cornfield, take a train ride with a murderer, find an occult children's book, explore a ruined abbey, and much more. Most scenarios are 1920s, with a couple of modern ones as well. All-new artwork throughout. Catch up on your reading and happy nightmares!

The Resurrected III: Out of the Vault contains:

  • "Within You Without You" by John Tynes
  • "The Travesty" by Christian Klepac
  • "The House on Stratford Lane" by John H. Crowe III
  • "Beast in the Abbey" by Kevin A. Ross
  • "The Lambton Worm" by Steve Hatherley
  • "Blood on the Tracks" by J. Todd Kingrea
  • "Dark Harvest" by Kevin A. Ross
  • "What Goes Around, Comes Around" by Jeff Moeller
  • "All Good Children" by Christian Klepac
  • "In Media Res" by John Tynes

These are brand new books from the original publisher. Books may have imperfections that do not inhibit usability.