Wyrm woodcut shirt

The Old English wyrm, Saxon wurm, Latin vermis, and arhcaic German wurmiz, meaning worm or serpent, not to be confused with dragon. Wyrms possess no limbs or wings, can be found in sacred wells, bodies of water, or deep caves, and are usually the guardians of treasure. Uncaring of the world outside their lair, they can sleep or hibernate for centuries.

Chiefly antagontistic towards humans, its breath can be fiery and poisonous. (Possibly why it is often confused with a dragon.) However, if enamored, usually of a fair maiden imbued with beauty and second sight, its breath is transformed into a dew containing the Elixir Vitae.

Here, the Wyrm is shown wound around a tree, surrounded by carrion crows and the bones of those who fell victim to the Wyrm's malefic traits.

From the original woodcut illustration by Liv Rainey-Smith for Robert Fitzgerald's "Bestiarum Arcanum," Wyrm is printed in khaki on a black 100% cotton shirt.

Design Copyright Liv Rainey-Smith, used under license.