Lovecraftian Microfiction 2022 & Tales From the Tainted Inkwell collection


THE 2022 MICROFICTION DOUBLE BOOK is a limited edition book with TWO sides with cover art by Mike Dubisch! This year's book features the 2022 Lovecraftian Microfiction contest winners on one side.

On the flip side is a special collection of all of the stories that were written for the Daily Lurker Program from 2014-2021, featuring that year's Tainted Ink Well backer. This is the first (and likely only) time these will be collected. The stories were written by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., Molly Tanzer, Cody Goodfellow, Anya Martin, Zandra Renwick, Adam Scott Glancy, and Peter Rawlik.

This is a limited edition collection, produced for the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival's 2022 fundraising campaign.