Lovecraftian Micro Fiction vol. 3


The stories in this limited edition (only 100 made) third volume from our annual Lovecraftian Micro Fiction contest represent the 10 winners, and 3 honorable mentions, for a lucky 13 collection of wonderful, short, sudden, and macabre masterpieces. Each winning story is only 500 words or under, and mastered the ability to tell a cohesive Lovecraftian story in this very small space, across a wide range of subjects from invasive parasites to dreams from another world, from the spirits of dead poets to babysitters of unusual children, and from an elusive and uncanny garden to a subterranean predator with an unexpected lure.

Stories include:

TOP STORY! Grand Prize Winner:

"The Light at the End of the World," by Aaron Besson

"Blood Will Tell," by John Carlucci
"Scavenger Hunt," by Michael Alan Carlyle
"Mistletoe," by Eric Howell
"Think of the Children," by Adam Moore
"Mothers," by Rick Siem
"Spider Chords," by Russell Smeaton
"The Voice From The Sea," by R. Scott Uhls
"SHHH...," by Kevin Walsh
"Eureka," by Kyle Webb

Honorable Mentions:

"A Change Would Do You Good," by Michael Alan Carlyle
"Along the River's Oxbow," by Andrew Gorman
"Destination R'lyeh," by Russell Smeaton