H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival Classics Vol 2 DVD


Founded in 1995, the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival® in Portland, OR has exhibited hundreds of independent Lovecraftian films and hosted dozens of amazing guests. As part of the 20th Anniversary celebration, this volume collects some of the best original films and adaptations from 1996 through 2013, and includes serious dramatic films, hilarious spoofs, and clever animations. For even more, look for Classics Volume 1, plus our Best of 2014 and Best of 2015 Short Film Collections.

Short Films on this volume:

• "Dagon" - director Richard Corben *
• "Antiques Roadshow: Arkham" - director Jon Cazares & Joseph Scrimshaw *
• "Eel Girl" - director Paul Campion
• "In[B]etween" - director Jose Luis Martinez Diaz
• "Ethereal Chrysalis" - director Syl Disjonk
• "From Beyond" - director Michael Granberry
• "Doctor Glamour" - director Andrew W. Jones
• "The Shunned House" - director Eric Morgret
• "The Professor" - director Casey T. Malone
• "Nyarlathotep" - director Christian Matzke *
• "hp Apology" - director Thomas Nicol
• Bonus Materials - Trailer for "The Call of Cthulhu" (2005), "Transcendent" (2012), a selection of photos & past guests from HPLFF history.

Plus stirring music by film composer Reber Clark.

Runtime approximately 113 minutes.
NTSC Region 0, progressive.
Audio: English Only
The films contained in this collection are unrated and are intended for mature viewers

"H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival" is a registered trademark of Lurker Films, Inc. and used with permission.

A note about the films on this DVD:
In addition to giving people a chance to see some of the early films from the festival, one of our motivations for going back and producing DVDs of classic films was to preserve these films for posterity. A lot of the early films were made on film or magnetic video tape, and were submitted to the festival on VHS or DV tape. Magnetic media degrades over time, and picture and sound quality loss is inevitable.

Richard Corben's short film "Dagon,"Christian Matzke's "Nyarlathotep," and Jon Cazares & Joseph Scrimshaw's "Antiques Roadshow: Arkham" got the deluxe treatment with extensive video correction, audio noise reduction, and repair of broken and glitchy frames. The aspect ratio of Michael Granberry's "From Beyond," was fixed and it will be presented as never before, even at the festival, in it's correct 4:3 ratio!